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Our mission is to not only get our customers the freshest and healthiest juices, but also the greatest tasting. Health doesn't mean sacrificing your favorite food; it can be your favorite food. We receive fresh pesticide-free produce daily. We juice the fruits and vegetables, to your order. The act of juicing extracts the nutrients from the fiber and gets it directly into your system. We also have delicious, nutritious smoothies with the fiber still intact. Come revive your cells from the inside out today, at Revive Juice Bar.

Which cells do you need to revive today?

Studies have shown natural remedies can have positive effects on different parts of your body. This chart outlines what foods may work best for areas you're concerned about.

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Place an order for your cleanse online by clicking the button below and we’ll prepare it by the next day. If you are interested in a juice or smoothie you can call us at (562) 901-3016 and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up within 5 minutes.